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the night crow.: wren-and-socket: Socket, there you are! [She grinned at the sight of...



It’s no problem, Socket. I needed ya to help me fix something in the bazaar before next week’s auction. It just so happened that Wren needed to find ya as well so I tagged along.

[He didn’t want the two of them bickering. Wren always seemed to be telling Socket what he was doing wrong and what not.]

Glad we found ya now though…

Ah sure boss, what do you want me to fix? And, I hope Wren wasn’t too annoying, she can be really irritating sometimes, y’know? 

[Wren scowled at her brother, and he smirked.]


Well, sorry I’m not perfect!!
[Wren replied, with a very sarcastic tone. She inhaled deeply, and looked like she was about to hit Socket from anger at him]

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the night crow.: wren—blackraven: Wren gave a friendly wave to Nabby, and then looked...


[Crow followed behind, not saying anything. He just had his hands in his pockets.]

[He looked around as well, but then stopped when Wren called out Socket’s name? Perhaps she found him? He followed her to see where she was going?]

Socket, there you are! [She grinned at the sight of her brother, before stopping to scold him.]  Where the hell you been, the boss and I had to look for you!!

Ah, the boss too? Sorry… I was just bored… So I came here. Oh, hey Crow!
[Socket grinned]


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Black Wings: wren-and-socket: Wren was smiling very cheerfully now. It was a bit...


He blinked at her a few moments before giving her another hesitant sort of smile. Honestly, he never considered himself much fun at all. He supposed running his business might be described as exciting in the opinion of others, but Crow didn’t consider himself an interesting sort of person or anything of the sort.

"Well, I’m glad you think so…" he didn’t say much besides that for a while, taking a few bites of his sandwich. He was glad he’d been able to help her out as much as he did, but he wasn’t sure about how he felt about her wanting to pay him back. He wanted to tell her it was no problem, but he didn’t imagine she’d be willing to let it go so easily. After another minute or two of consideration, he let out a small sigh.

"You don’t need to do anything for me, though, y’know. It’s fine really."

Wren giggled at his puzzled expression, it was funny to see him surprised. She fidgeted with her knife and work, while she waited for him to speak again.

"Ah, really? Well, if your sure…" Wren decided to drop the matter for now, because Crow had sighed. When someone sighs, Wren finds that they are usually very annoyed with her, and she really did not want to annoy her boss… But, she would definitely think up some way or another to pay him back soon.

She was really very thankful to all he had done for her though. After a small moments hesitation, Wren gave him a very quick hug, and then pulled away, blushing slightly. “Thanks again, boss~” She grinned.

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